Current undergrads:

Marta Schulte-Fischedick (BSc): Ant queen pheromones

Sophia Paschkewitz (BSc): Fitness effects in a beetle-mite symbiosis

Hermann Simon (BSc): Leaf-cutting ant senescence



Inga Weber (BSc 2018): Learning in leaf-cutting ants

Pauline Meier (BSc 2018): Aversive conditioning in ants

Elisabeth Strauss (Master 2018): Mate competition in phoretic mites

Maarten Wissink (Master 2018): Ant learning

Rebecca Endermann ( Master 2018): Experience & ant nestmate recognition

Sarah Nitsche (Master 2017): Mite host recognition

Christina Raudies (Bachelor 2016): Nasty neighbors in Lasius ants

Heide Teubner (Master 2016): Mite-beetle coevolution

Eva Umiger (Master 2016): Host recognition in phoretic mites (Poecilochirus carabi)

Adrian Geiler (Bachelor 2015): Artificial selection in phoretic mites

Nadine Steinmetz (Master 2015): Poecilochirus carabi population differentiation

Till Heine (Diploma 2015): Ecological influences on ant cuticular chemistry

Darja Nitschke (Master 2015): Chemical cues used for nestmate recognition

Maren Kreiter (Bachelor 2014): Ecology of Lasius flavus nestmate recognition

Maximilian Herzig (Bachelor 2013): Response thresholds in nestmate recognition

Bastian Lajendecker (Bachelor 2013): Nestmate recognition in Lasius flavus

Sarah Nitsche (Bachelor 2013): Host recognition in phoretic mites

Sandra König (Bachelor 2012): Fitness effects of host specialisation in phoretic mites

Nadine Steinmetz (Bachelor 2012): Host recognition in phoretic mites