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  • Cover of the journal KaskelotIn October 2017 I hosted @realsci_de for a week, a German twitter account (similar to @realscientists) aimed at presenting real science to the German-speaking Twittersphere.
  • An article about social insect communication in a Danish magazine for biology teachers:Nehring V. (2011): Kommunikation hos sociale insekter. Kaskelot 187: 8-11.

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fighting Camponotus antsde Roode, J.C.; Lefèvre, T. Behavioral Immunity in InsecFighting Camponotus ants, used in an article by Henrik de Fine Licht in Kaskelotts. Insects 2012, 3, 789-820.

de Fine Licht, H. H. (2011): Elevaktivitet: Aggression hos myrer. Kaskelot 187: 18.[:de]