The Central European section of the IUSSI supports researchers, academics, and
students affected by the war in Ukraine

March 14, 2022

[This is a repost to increase visibility; It is an initiative by Tomer Czaczkes]

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The war in Ukraine is posing serious threat to researchers, academics and students. Most of
them had to cease their academic activities, university studies included, while many had to
flee their country. The Central European section of the International Union for the Study of
Social Insects (IUSSI) has many ties to academia in Ukraine and hopes to support our
colleagues by coordinating the provision of support, to enable social insect scholars
(including students) impacted by the war in Ukraine to continue their lives, work, and
careers to the best of their ability under these terrible circumstances. Employment
possibilities in research and academia, accommodation, access to research facilities,
supervisory support for students, and even access to specific courses in social evolution,
social behaviour, social insects are all means to help scholars and students interested in
social insects.

For researchers, groups, and institutions offering support
If you would like to help, please enter your information into the google sheet below:

If you are uncomfortable sharing this information publicly, please fill in only the support
information on the google sheet and add an anonymous identifier instead of the contact
name. Then, send the relevant contact information to Tomer Czaczkes

For scholars, students seeking support
Visit the google sheet below to see what help can be offered:

If you cannot access this information, please contact Tomer Czaczkes

Update: Also check out this list compiled by the Humboldt foundation: Ukraine War: support for researchers at risk

The Steering Committee of the Central European Section of IUSSI